Expertise & Experience

Why invest through the George Washington Immigration Group? The answer is expertise and experience matters. The George Washington Immigration Group is a Professional organization that has assembled a World Class team of experts to serve you the EB-5 Investor. Each of these hand-picked individuals is recognized as leaders in their respective disciplines. Each has the broad base of knowledge necessary for you to achieve your immigration goals.  We have taken the complex EB-5 immigration investment program and made understanding and utilizing the EB-5 program as simple as possible for you and your family; while making the entire experience a fully transparent process.


Our focus is to assist needy communities and their related local government agencies throughout the greater New York Metropolitan Tri State area by channeling foreign national investment capital into construction projects such as medical facilities, housing, roads, sewers, water, electricity generation, energy, transportation, communication upgrades, manufacturing, and public and private building structures.


We combine EB-5 capital with that of the federal, regional, state and city economic development authorities and private entities. The objective is to pool a significant amount of capital for various infrastructure investments that ultimately will stimulate economic growth as infrastructure is the backbone of long-term economic growth and job creation.


The Regional Center EB-5 investment program does not require the immigrant investors to manage their investment on a daily basis, but rather you are deemed to ‘actively engage’ in a business enterprise, by acting as a Limited Partner. Each of our EB-5 investment Projects are structured as Limited Partnerships satisfying USCIS requirements; enabling you the investor to pursue other professional or personal ventures.