Client Goals

The George Washington Immigration Group believes that the foreign national investor requires a three-pillar approach to achieve their goals. Each of these goals and how we strive to achieve these goals are described below:

  • Attaining Lawful Permanent Residency (Green Card). In short, we constantly strive to be the best EB-5 investor visa program in the marketplace. We do this by establishing limited partnerships that serve as an EB-5 investment vehicle to make EB-5 investments that meet or exceed every requirement of the USCIS thus giving our investors, the foreign nationals applying for USCIS approval of an EB-5 visa, the confidence their petition will be approved. This is a time tested business model that focuses on proven job creation methodologies and solid statistically backed TEA designations that has resulted in successful adjudications time and time again.
  • Return of the investor’s original EB-5 capital investment. While EB-5 statutes require the investor’s capital to be fully at risk for the entire period of conditional residency, we seek out EB-5 investment opportunities that are structured to minimize this risk. Ensuring the capital is “at risk” does not mean that the EB-5 investment needs to be “risky”. Just like the investor, our success depends on the strength of the borrower. Ensuring that the goals of the Regional Center are well-aligned with the goals of the EB-5 investor provides a successful and solid foundation.
  • Secure a return on investment for our EB-5 investors. Notice that the return on EB-5 investment is third on the list. Why? If the primary goal of the investor is a return on investment, we are without doubt certain the EB-5 Investor Program is not the best vehicle for the investor. The primary goal of an EB-5 investor is the permanent visa, and not a return on the EB-5 investment. Potential EB-5 investors have acquired considerable net worth and are sophisticated investors. They understand the perils of high-risk investments. We believe the EB-5 program is not an “investment” program, rather it is a “jobs creation” program. We structure our EB-5 investments with the primary focus of achieving the first two aforementioned goals. We believe safety in EB-5 means being able to show ten new American jobs at the final stage of adjudication, and confidence our investment was truly qualified for the lower threshold; if the investment was the lower $500,000 investment. Our EB-5 investments are projected to provide a small return on investment; however, our approach that a safe EB-5 investment (one that will produce jobs) that minimizes risk – provides the investor confidence they will receive permanent residency and provide for their original capital to be returned. This structure meets the “at risk” requirement of the USCIS EB-5 program and in our opinion our investments are structured as one of the safest EB-5 investments available today.