Client Services

The George Washington Immigration Group has the expertise to discuss the EB-5 investment documents and projects with you in detail. We can answer all your questions from an EB-5 business prospective regarding our EB-5 Projects.

We can recommend highly qualified immigration attorneys (with a verfiable track record) to help prospective EB-5 immigrant investors with questions from an immigration perspective.  Additionally these attorneys are qualified to file your petitions as an immigrant investor.

  • We will work with the EB-5 immigrant investor’s attorney to provide all of the comprehensive documentation necessary for the investor’s attorney to submit the applications for the conditional permanent visa to the USCIS.
  • We will monitor the progress of the application throughout the process and assist the immigration attorney at their request.
  • We will provide any assistance requested from the investor or their immigration attorney in the consular interview process.
  • We will provide a secure section on the Project website where all investors can view quarterly updates on their particular partnership, the projects, and the financial data on both the partnership and the investor’s individual capital account.
  • We as the General Partner will monitor the EB-5 investment project throughout the entire process.
  • We will prepare all the evidentiary documentation on the business activity to the investor’s attorney for submission of the initial application, the I-526.
  • We will assist the immigration attorney by providing documentation in the filing of the (I-829) – the conditional removal of restrictions application – to make the visa permanent (a permanent green card).
  • We will provide business documentation yearly such as the K-1’s.
  • We will maintain limited partnership books and records and call meetings of the limited partners, as necessary.
  • Limited partners have the right to inspect the financial records of the partnership as outlined in the Partnership Operating documents.